Calvisius Royal Tradition Caviar

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The Royal Tradition caviar comes from the white sturgeon, a species native to the Pacific Ocean and found from Alaska to Baja California. It is among the longest-living sturgeons, it can reach a hundred years old, weigh up to 800 kg and measure 6 meters in length.

In addition to its lean, protein rich flesh, it is particularly appreciated for its generous production of large eggs (from 2.8 to 3.2 millimetres), characterised by a colour ranging from dark gray to black.

It has a particularly delicate and elegant taste. It takes an average of 14 to 15 years to obtain this caviar. 

 3.0-3.2 mm

Latin name: Acipenser trasmontanus

Colour: Dark gray, ebony, amber reflections.

Aromatic notes: Strongly fruity with hints of hazelnut and butter, reminiscent of the most delicate nuances of the sea.

Product durability: 90 days.

Store between +0°C and +4°C in the refrigerator.

It takes an average of 14 to 15 years to produce this caviar.

Agroittica Lombarda is the world leader in the production of caviar.

Calvisano is a typical village on the Brescian plain in northern Italy, known for its many water sources. Its name derives from the Latin Calvisius, a Roman notable, also a great gourmet.

The unique characteristics of the pure waters present in the area create an ideal ecosystem that guarantees the authenticity and freshness of Calvisius Caviars, which have become one of the most refined dishes in world gastronomy.


Calvisius is the brand of excellence, exclusively dedicated to Michelin-starred restaurants and specialty delicatessens.

Synonymous with perfection, Calvisius embodies the highest quality craftsmanship and the most rigorous selection of Agroittica production.


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